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  • 13 years ago

    I promise I have trawled the web, trying to self educate myself but to no avail. I am a complete beginner and desperate to build myself an expansive football database, from which I can run whatif scenarios based on criteria. I have built two tables, neither of which have a primary key and so are not related.

    The first table (named Leagues) has two columns named; League and Team. I have popolated the table with 278 different team names from 16 different leagues, so the first 20 fields of the League column have Premier League in them and the first 20 fields of the Team column have the names of the 20 premiership teams and so on.

    The second table has many columns for entering match statistics. The second column is named League, the third named Home Team and the fourth named Away Team. I wish to create a form with combo boxes for the above 3 columns. I want the League combo box to show the different leagues available (premier, league 1 etc.) not (premier, premier x20, then League 1, League 1 x24 etc.). I want the Home Team combo box to show the teams from that league and the Away Team combo box to do the same.
    As I have said I have read numerous articles about synchronizing boxes using many different methods, but unfortunately I am not conversant enough to adapt the advice for my situation. I'm no longer even sure whether to use the form wizard lol. I have built and deleted this form many times before finally asking for help on this very popular subject, so any pity would be gratefully recieved.

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