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  • 19 years ago

    Does anyone know how i could build an access expression for a text box value. I need to find the item name from a table called items. This table contains item descriptions. Stockitems is a table which holds the stock item details (i.e. available, out on loan etc. etc.), and the itemID of the stocktItem. Still following????!!! I.e. the itemID identifies the stockitem and gives it a name from the items table.
        Now, This is the tricky part! what expression should i give to a text box to do this;

    get the stockID from the loan table
    get the itemid from the stockitem table of the stockid retrieved from the loan table
    get the itemname from the item table of the itemid from the stockitem table

    So finally, the text box will be displaying the item name from the original stockid value.

    Any help would be well received.


  • 18 years ago

    connect the form you're using fo rthe display of your textbox to the database query or table you have the data in.

    Set the properties by selecting the properties form the menu with the form clicked / highlighted.

    Then set the Data properties for the text box in the property window for this text box.

    You can use the build to cretae an extensive selection query

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