Help design programming multimedia greeting gift manage friendship

  • 13 years ago

    Merry Christmas


    i will always love to design good multimedia programs, programming in greeting card, greetings, greeting words, greeting letters, friends management.

    how to design programs, web pages?

    Google = free greeting cards = friend science = how to make friend
    wikihow Make-Friends
    wiki How to Make Friends and Influence People
    Political Science
    Public Relation

    free greetings
    online greeting cards
    animated cards
    flash greeting card  

    For example, I have private message, buddy list, group, folder, attachment, email notification
    But how to find a full friendship science?
    politicalscience ucr edu
    Political Science
    loyola edu academics college of arts and sciences undergraduate
    Advertising/Public Relation

    First I must know say what.

    Can you help me to find full friend science?

    According to the friendship science, build new logic model

    Data flow diagram
    multimedia presentation

    Web Profile, multimedia, etc

    Link to external files
    Link to web attachments
    Execute codes

    Data storage
    In the website
    Local hard disk

    Data Dictionary
    Find a full friendship science, design Data Dictionary
    Dictionary management

    How can I implement it?

    architecture design

    structure design

    Data storage design

    Code design

    Output design

    Input design

    User interface

    Security design

    System implement


    Language choice

    System debug, test

    System document

    System maintenance

    System evaluation

    System management

    Software and file management

    I want to use slackware (Linux), 1 or 2 computers.
    Some friends suggest:
    Adobe Flash Or Some Other Flash Software
    Server Side Language
    ADSL Modem (1 port), Switch/Exchange (5 port)
    Implement It With Flash.



  • 13 years ago

    Say what now?

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