Open "Explorer.exe" with in a VB.NET Application

  • 11 years ago

    Hi all...

     I am working on a project which needs me to Open the "Explorer.exe" session with in a VB.NET application. i used the

    Process.Start("Explorer.exe",blahblahblah) but it doesnt work to open the explorer.exe within my VB.NET application. can anybody help me on this ?

     please reply me soon.



  • 11 years ago

    Just put the full path in.

  • 11 years ago

    I used the below;

    Process.Start("Explorer.exe", Environment.UserName)

    but it doesnt open "explorer.exe" within the boundries of my applicaiton is it possible to use explorer.exe as an object of VB.NET application to open it with in the application? if yes how??

  • 11 years ago
    Dim p As Process = New Process

    With p.StartInfo

    .FileName = "explorer"

    .WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal


    End With


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