data acquisition through USB

csharp Bangladesh
  • 12 years ago
    I am sorry to ask such question but i don’t know where to set my head ,I am trying to make a C# software for making data acquisition from USB bus.I am connecting the serial port   of Keithley 2700 acquisition set to the USB of my laptop using a simple  RS232 to USB adapter  .I  don’t have the USB driver for this equipment .the Keithley will send data from it’s serial that I am going to receive from my USB.I don’t know how to read these data from the USB using C#.I used to do data acquisition with C for the parallel port it was simple (variable= import(address)) but it different for the USB as to  the serial we can import the kernel.dll but how to do in C# for the USB .Can you provide a help such as similar c# sample for reading from USB it will be very helpful for me Help me please


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