Strange Combo Box Behaviour

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  • 13 years ago

    I am using MS Access, the fix for this should be version independant, but at the moment I will go for anyhting that works.

    I have a combo box with a list of values that is within a sub form.

    Lets say you have

    the main form - frmMain

    the sub form - frmSub

    the combo boc - objCombo1

    combo box values - valValue_1





    If I open frmMain which has frmSub within it and select valValue_3 from it. As soon as i click away it will apperently give you a randomly selected value, but soon as I navigate to another record and then back again the correct value is displayed.

    Anyone have any ideas on this??


  • 13 years ago

    Been a while since I played around in Access, so I'm just going to clarify a couple of things (for my own sake) before I try out your example in the nwind database:

    - Is the combo box info inter-related to one of the subforms field records?

    - The sub form is related to the main form ... like in order -> order lines .... yes? (ie one - many relationship)

    - When you say "click away" do you mean tabbing to the next control on the sub form .. yes? 

    (It kinda sounds like an update problem - but that's a pure guess and I need to test it myself first)


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