Compile(combine) SQL & Access database content and Export customise Text file.

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  • 13 years ago


     I am a beginer on both VB and Access...

     Currently i am doing a project which need to search Text file from SQL server and needed to check the particular delimited text file contents then according the contents to trigger find the detail information which store in a Access database and export the Access database table information into customise delimited text file.

    i have created the Access database, now i still need to write a program which will search text file in SQL server and then find the information in Access database then export to delimited text file.

    Now i am doing research on how to write a code in VBA to filter out the information in Access database and then export to delimited text file.

    Any one can help on below question?

    1.How do filter out the Access database table and export the Access table which have filtered in delimited text file? to search the SQL database.

    example: the SQL database will store delimited Text file.

    i need to check which group of content/information in delimited text file need to be search in Access database.


    Appreciate to provide any idea or exple or code on above question....

    if need to post more detail infor just let me know.


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  • 13 years ago

    [quote]1.How do filter out the Access database table and export the Access table which have filtered in delimited text file?[/quote]

    Why not use a query to do the filter for you, with parameters? Access also has an export wizard to export to a CSV file which means that you could creat a macro to do this, then simply launch the macro from code.

    [quote] to search the SQL database.[/quote]

    How is the information stored in SQL Server? blob? varchar?

    What does the information stored look like? How will it be searched? wildcard? exact phrase? Does the delimited file have a header line?

    Why is your proposed processing spanning different data-stores? (Sql & Access) Unless there are good reasons to use Access would it not make more sense to process the information in Sql .. or is this just an exercise to learn some VBA in access?


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