how to link worksheets for data transfer in excel

  • 18 years ago

    Please try to understand my problem:-

    1) I have a excel sheet in which i do input of daily expenses, the sheet is a simple one having following columns               Item                 Expenses          Time        Date

    2) Now at the end of the week i have to make a sheet on which the expenses details for a week is shown and then using the four sheet of weeks i make an montly sheet of expenses.
    Weekly sheet musty have information as :-

    Week              Item                 Expenses          Time        Date

    3) That similary for the  month but it as link with the weekly sheet , the thing is that weekly and montly sheet must show at what time and dat what item caused expnses and how many which the weekly sheet picks from the daily sheet input and montly from weekly.

    4) Now i know that i can make excel to connect a link between on file and other so that the data from file can go to other file to show a summary

    5) But the problem is on each day we use the same excel file but with different date name , remove the previous entries and then do the entries on new day and so on. By doing this we are changing the name of the source file from where the weekly sheet has to pick data.

    6) by doing above i cannot create such a link in a single sheet which can pick data on daily basis from daily sheet as the name of file is changing .

    7)Now please suggest a way other than recommending me to do the work in the same file on 7 sheets. its my requirement that i change file every day.

    Please suggest some thing about this.

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