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  • 13 years ago

    I am using a temporary table to hold data whilst I use code to manipulate the data.  As the code populates the table and then deletes the data in a loop the size of the database climbs.  Once the database gets over 1 GB it falls over. I can only reopen the database if I compact and repair it.

    Does anyone know any code to compact the database on the fly whilst it is still open?

  • 13 years ago

    Never tried this. Biggest access file I ever worked on was 350MB, and that was tooooooo big. Suggestion: move it somewhere else.

    However, as to your question:

    Note In Microsoft Access, you can compact a database while it is open, as long as the database has been opened exclusively.


    Dim db As New DAO.DBEngine()
    'CompactDatabase has two parameters, creates a copy of compact DB at the Destination path
    db.CompactDatabase(File_Path, compact_file)

    dunno what's going to happen if the File_Path and the compact_file is the same, whilst you're still "open" .. but you can always give it a shot (after backing up first)

    Good luck.


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