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  • 12 years ago

    I'm using a calendar picker (web form), in a standard page, it is functioning well, but when I add a MasterPageFile in the page, the calendar form is not giving its value and not closing. My idea here is that the form with the MasterPageFile is not recognized. What will be my script to do that? 

        protected void Change_Date(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (Request.QueryString["textbox"] != "")
                Type t = this.GetType();
                string strScript =
                    "<script>window.opener.document.forms(0)." +
                    Request.QueryString["textbox"].ToString() + ".value = '" +
                    calForm.SelectedDate.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") +
                    "';self.close()" +
                    "</" + "script>";
                    ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(t, "Calendar_ChangeDate", strScript);

    Maybe my idea is wrong... What is the correct way?

     Thanks in advance... Smiley Face

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