Left Outer Join Problem using Sum

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  • 11 years ago

    Ok I have an SQL statement that is driving me crazy.

    I have an item table (tblitem), a sales table (tblSales) and a branch transfer table (tblBranchTransfer) what I'm trying to do is return a list of all the items with the quantity the total quantity sold and the total quantity requested from other branches for each item. My code is as follows: 

    select i.itemid, Sum(s.Sales) As "Quantity Sold", Sum(t.Quantity)As "Quantity Requested"

    from tblitem i

    Left Join tblSales s

    On i.itemid = s.ItemId

    Left Join tblBranchTransfer t

    On i.itemid = t.ItemId

    and TransferFlag = 'F'

    group by i.itemid

    The Quantity Sold appears fine however the Quantity Requested returns the wrong values. If for example item 1 appears twice in the tblSales and the total Quantity Requested is 10 then it will multiply that by 2 (the number of rows in tblSales). Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

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