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  • 12 years ago

    I am currently trying to learn PHP – I have a whole lot of static websites which really need to upgrade to dynamic sites. The websites are basically business directories where someone clicks on a particular category and I list a whole lot of businesses each with their logo and then one/ two lines of descriptive text with a “More Info” link that links to their page with full details and a small image gallery.


    I have found scripts on the web for opinion polls, calendars, guestbooks, forums etc etc but nothing for what im looking for…unless I just don’t know what it is called.


    All I want is to pull the name, logo and small box of descriptive text for each business from a MySql database and then format that data in rows (nicely and neatly) one after each other (similar to these websites: and http://www.sa-hotels-online.com/special-offers.php and http://www.sakidsonthego.com/activity_list.php?activitytypeno=6&subcategoryno=181  )


    And then once someone clicks on the “more info” link it again draws info from the database and structures the data in a really clean and structured way ie. (http://www.sa-hotels-online.com/kwa-maritane-lodge/index.php )


    I guess the common theme is just formatting everything attractively. Does anyone know of any websites that have tutorials on this type of thing?  Or any sample scripts?


    Thank-you for reading this whole thing! Any advice or direction would be MUCH appreciated!! J


  • 12 years ago

    got your problem Bro,
    I dont know any tutorilas but what all i can advice you is-

    remember one thing, what ever PHP does to your site is generating the HTML code, so you need to get good hand on HTML, then practice writing HTML tables with PHP echo statements. then move to building the more complex html content using PHP.
    this will really help you in building attractive web-sites using PHP+Database.
    feel free to say if this is helpful to you



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