How to save changed datagrid data??

csharp , db Norman, United States
  • 12 years ago

    Hi guys...

    After I write the private void Bindsequence function.... It will change my datagrid row sequence...

    Too bad even though my datagrid changes...But my database never store the new sequence...

    After I log out and log in again...The sequence are still the old one...

    How can I store it???

    private void Bindsequence(string cpjttemplt)


    DataSet dsList = ProjectTaskTemplateLibrary.Get2(cpjttemplt);

    DataRow[] drResult = dsList.Tables[0].Select(this.strGlobalFilter, "Seq.#");


    // Resequence

    double runSeq = double.Parse(this.txtSTART.Text.Trim());double skipSeq = double.Parse(this.txtSKIP.Text.Trim());

    runSeq = runSeq - skipSeq;


    for (int i = 0; i < drResult.Length; i++)


    runSeq += skipSeq;

    "Seq.#"] = runSeq;



    //foreach (DataRow dr in dsList.Tables[0].Rows)


    // string nseq = dr["Seq.#"].ToString();




    DataSet dsFilter = dsList.Clone();for (int i = 0; i < drResult.Length; i++)






    this.dgptemp2.DataSource = dsFilter.Tables[0];


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