how to get Record set starting form Perticular record

  • 12 years ago

    this is my Table structure and some records in it,
    Am trying to get a Record set to get all the records whose album Id is 40.  and that works fine and shows like this.



    Img_ID Instructor_id Img_thumb Img_big album_id
    29 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42670011.jpg 40
    30 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42680009.jpg 40
    31 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42680013.jpg 40
    32 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42690010.jpg 40
    33 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42690014.jpg 40
    34 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42690022.jpg 40
    38 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42670011.jpg 40
    43 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/pg2_img1.jpg 40
    but I want to get a Record set that starts form particular Image_id. For example if I say Img_id=34, it should start form records in this order,

    Img_ID Instructor_id Img_thumb Img_big album_id
    34 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42670011.jpg 40
    38 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42680009.jpg 40
    43 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42680013.jpg 40
    29 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42690010.jpg 40
    30 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42690014.jpg 40
    31 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42690022.jpg 40
    32 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/42670011.jpg 40
    33 13 NULL images/Test_Feb22/pg2_img1.jpg 40
     Can you please help me out in writing a query for this in MySQL?
    thank you .

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