C#+ dataset load option+ urgent!!!!!!!!!

csharp , db Adelaide, Australia
  • 12 years ago

    hello frens, i have 10 tables( each for class 1 to class 10 ) with same design (i.e all column name and datatype are same ) in MS Access database What i need to do is to get records from each table and then add then to dataset. since all tables in same format i want each new    records from a table be added at the bottom of the dataset in linear form . and i need to save the updates to dataset using dataadapter.Update(dataset).

    i have already worked with dataset to update database. but not being able to solve this problem. 

    while searching in net i get to know it can be done with load option of dataset. but i m not familier with load option. if anyone has already tried this, please provide me the working code.



    Thanks in advance



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