How to bind two sql statement with commit in Thailand
  • 12 years ago

    My application runs on a network of 15 to 16 clients on a SQL Server 2000. Some of the modules perform transaction, i.e. they run more than one sql. I have tied the different sql statemels under the following procedure


    trans = con.BeginTransaction()   


    ‘First Sql                cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand("INSERT INTO table1(col1, cl2, col3, col4) "VALUES('" & col1 & "','" & col2 & "','" & col3 & "','" & col4 & "')", con, trans) cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() ‘Second Sql                                     

    cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand("update table2 set colbl='" & col1 & "',colcl='" & t & "' where colbl =" & col1 & "", con, trans)

    cmd.executeNonQuery()             trans.Commit()         Catch ex As Exception             trans.Rollback()        End Try       


    Out of 700-800 inserts and updates, the system ignores the update statement. The value is inseted through the first statement, but it is not updated. So it shows a wrong balance. I am not able to diagonise the actual cause. The network is very good.

    My question is :

    1.     Even if the network fails, why does the rollback doesn’t happen.2.     Is my above code a right way for a commit procedure. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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