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  • 11 years ago

    Hi all,         

    I have a table which contain Course and student.

    eg: Student    Course      

          A            Arts          

          B           Maths         

          C           Maths        

          D           Arts            

    I need to write a query which returns the follwing data

    Course          Student

    Maths          B        C

    Arts             A        D

    I have heard in SQL 2005 PIVOT is available. But I was not able to figure out a better way to fulfill my requirement.

    Please help me if anybody have any idea.

    Thank you very much in advance

  • 10 years ago

     Perhaps not what you want, and maybe a little inefficient, but you could consider:

     create function ufn_course_students
        @course nvarchar(50)
    returns nvarchar(100)
        declare @student nvarchar(100)

        set @student = ''

            @student = @student + student + ' '
        from studentcourse2
        where course = @course

        return @student

    select distinct
    from studentcourse2
    order by course desc

    which will get you what you want.

    Not used the "pivot" command before .. but I'm not sure it'll get you what you want. Perhaps someone with more experience than myself can chip in here.


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