select same record from multiple table

sql India
  • 10 years ago

    hi all,

    I have a pblm to select the same field namely tripid from multiple tables.

    Actually i want to exclude a tripid if it is in any of the table with same route.

    i need to check if it is in any of there is four tables tb1, tb2 tb3, tb4....

    can anybody help me....

    thank you


  • 10 years ago
    Hi, You will have to provide more information in order to receive a meaningful response, what exactly do your tables llok like?  Without seeing your table structure I would guess that you could use a NOT IN query, ie. select tripid from yourtable where tripid not in(select tripid from tb1) and tripid not in(select tripid from tb2) and tripid not in(select tripid from tb3) etc.. 

    I will try and help further if you give more information.

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