Problem String Replace in c#....plz help

csharp Antarctica
  • 12 years ago

     Hi friends.

    I have string contain hindi and english i want separate onle hindi word into another string..

    plz any idea or code share with me...

    thks and regards..


  • 12 years ago


       u can seperate the string using Substring......

     try vth these....


    hope this helps....



  • 12 years ago

     Thks swati but that text contain some ascii value for english and how shoud i find that thins..

  • 12 years ago


         i don't know that....but u can do like this...

    first...convert that ascii values to string...and then seperate it...........

    and if i get any new idea i'll tell u.........


  • 12 years ago


        please once send ur ascii values string ......




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