Need help for master Thesis

  • 12 years ago

    Hallo, My name is Ajaz Ahmad and i am doing my master thesis in a company, i recentlly join this network and hope it will be good and benificial for us.

    I need help regarding my master thesis.first of all i describe you the topic and description of my thesis.

    Well topic is Error Handling using C#

    Actually the company is provide services for machnical and electrical kind of task is to understand the Benkhoff Embedded Pc X1000 and analyse the error that generates by the hardware machines like heating system exceeds the maximum temprature and system will temporarly shutdown and alarm will released and rung..

    When these kind of errors accour then i have to provide a solution to customer that why this error accours and how u can solve the problem by asking some question to understand the actuall problem and then provide solution using C# n window xp.

    please Can someone guide me about the interface, what kind of it should be and what kind of framework i should make, if is it possible then please mentioned some of articals or books that can be beneficial for me.

    here is my email address, if someone want to write me personally or on forum.

    [email protected]



    Kind Regards

    Ajaz Ahmad 





  • 12 years ago

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