Converting from QBasic to VB.nET Malaysia
  • 12 years ago



    Can anyone help me to convert this QBasic code to


    C$ = CHR$(27)
    PRINT #1, CHR(2);
    PRINT #1, C$; "A";    'start of job
    PRINT #1, C$; "V060"; C$; "H150"; C$; "L0102"; C$; "MSN"; CHR$(&HF8); C$; "MSRIE";
    PRINT #1, C$; "V050"; C$; "H198"; C$; "L0102"; C$; "M"; CHR$(&HEF);
    PRINT #1, C$; "Q2";    'print quantity 1
    PRINT #1, C$; "Z";       'end of job

    PRINT #1, CHR$(3);

    CLOSE #1
    Please please 


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