problem with a progressbar : it dispears

  • 12 years ago


    I have  two userforms .One is  a progressbar  that I made. The other  is  a userform that   contains a   long code.The  progressbar allows the user  to see  the percentage of the execution.   My problem  is the progressbar dispears each step of the execution  of  the principal code. How can I maintain  the progressbar until  the end of the execution.

  • 12 years ago
    I did some testing and the following worked without too much delay: frmProgressBar.Visible = True Me.Hide For i = 1 To 1000000 frmProgressBar.ProgressBar1.Value = i / 10000 DoEvents Next i Me.Visible = True If I did a frmProgressBar.Refresh inside the loop, or even a frmProgressBar.ProgressBar1.Refresh, it slowed the loop down, but if you have a massive amount of code going on, the performance hit may be acceptable. Hope this helps!

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