cBool(Integer) warning, my recent 12 biggest discoveries in VB.NET, grafolution?

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  • 12 years ago
    I do this constantly (such advertisements instead questions), so this is one of these. I wrote many things with using Integer instead Boolean, but what I found recently, that not only -1 is translated as True, but also 1. You can imagine how difficult will be correcting this in e.g. 1M support, even if using regular expressions. So don't rely on "If array.GetUpperBound Then" etc., it can cheat you. Also I have two more discoveries, which I found interesting: 1. Class FruitRobot(Of fruitType) 2. For Each c As Char In String 3. string.StartsWith(someExoticEncoding, **cultureInfo**) 4. AllowDrop property of control in designer which fooled me for years that drag-drop is difficult 5. Override Sub Form.WndProc, which allows you to e.g. close dialog with clicking parent form 6. My.Settings which completely changes the way you see settings 7. Dynamical filling menuimages with My.Resources on item name in for each loop 8. Making "TreeView" in MsgBox (joining items with characters < Asc(10)) 9. Using [name] if name would conflict with language keyword 10. Filling menu with enum names, handling it, and reading to property at 7 easy to read lines (w/o:) is possible 11. Finding item rightclicked in listbox via GetItemAtPosition and e.Location is very intuitive 12. Data.Jet (Access) cannot reflex (=make accessible) relations (it does, but unusfully/incompletely) INTERFACE REVOLUTION? There is option to make fully inconvential menu icons, even for clipboard menu or standart operations menu (delete,rename), which (as I deduct from actual psychology knowledge of synthesia) are fully new for user, but when reflecting some abstract character of linked function, are faster recognized. (This is my new idea for discussion... or for graphical revolution - also your chief will not limit nor force you, if such supposition would be true). I would invite, if there would be different icon for "Copy" in every application. What I would not support is extremely unique interface (in functionality), even if it would make everithing 4x more effective and easy - it is just difficult to teach how to copy and paste :)
  • 12 years ago
    As intial to such revolution I offer [http://quilt.ic.cz/tmp/upl/Soft.htm#ldb] my freeware access/mysql browser, which is possessed with martian-style icons. It can do everything on database you need, except data grid editing (access like), and I am thinking if to include it or not... also transactions! and other metacommands possible

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