What technology to choose for a new application?

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  • 11 years ago
    Hello, I want to make a small information system for myself (invoices, orders, contacts, etc), I am thinking to use free version of MS SQL, I am not a professional coder, it is my hobby. I did last SW in VB6 and now I am starting again in C# after couple of years without coding. I see that there is a really a whole lot of technologies and my problem is that I do not know which I should choose and use. For example I see that there is WPF as a new GUI, I see that there is a lot of different ways how to access data in SQL database (LINQ for example), there is also Reflection, Generics, Delegates, Interfaces, Garbage Collector... My point is that I would like to avoid to read the whole MSDN and to study everything and then to decide. I would appreciate if I would know what should I concentrate on, what should I study into depth and what is not that important for me. I hope that somebody will understund what I mean and try to help. Thank you in advance Petr
  • 11 years ago
    If you're building a small desktop application, I would suggest * MS SQL Express * LINQ to SQL (makes it really easy to tie in to your database system) * WPF (unless you are already familiar with windows forms, and don't have the time to learn a new technology) Hope that helps

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