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  • 12 years ago
    Hi there all, Hope your having a Happy Holiday season. I have projects for folks who might be interested in helping finish up my website. I work part time as the web developer for my company, and have been managing our switchover from a static website to a db driven site. I designed the thing, but worked with others to do the DB work and coding. We originally worked with a developer out of New Zealand who did a good job putting most of the site together and then bailed on us during debugging and testing. We hired another company to come in (a year ago!) to do the debugging and change a few things, but they have abandoned us as well. So I turn now to the source of ASP.Net 2.0, in the hopes that some of you out there are looking for some little projects to generate cash over the next little bit. The basics are as follows: We run a windows server, IIS, and SQL 2000. The site is done in ASPX and C for the code pages. That will need to stay the same. The way I would like this to work is as follows: 1. I am posting a list of a variety of features that either need to be developed/tweaked/debugged. 2. YOU choose which of those features you would like to work on, contact me, and we negotiate a price point and a time frame for completion of the feature. 3. I provide the existing/relevant pages (if any) and other support as needed. 4. YOU complete the feature/fix on time and working properly 5. We pay you. 6. If we like you, and you work well with us on the project, we might ask you to help us complete other features. 7. The site gets fixed, we get happy, and you get money. Sound like a plan? We are going this route because we think that distributing the work will get it accomplished faster, and cover us from wasting more time with dead-beat companies. You can contact me via phone at 1-888-HOT-CARS or at [email protected] if you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to work on a feature. The quicker the better! Thank you! Here are the things needing tweaking/debugging/developed: FRONT-END 1. MOST IMPORTANT – but also most likely the most difficult… We want to change how our current Ordering Process and Quantity Allocation work for the site. This is complicated to explain here, I have a PPT file that attempts to explain the basics here: if you are into solving complex problems and challenges, contact me and we can talk in more detail. 2. We have a very long check out process on both the front and back end of the site. This needs to be streamlined, with the order details, shipping method and account details on the same page. Right now it is 5 steps, we want it down to three. This should be relatively simple, just moving some pieces and parts to combine them on to the same page 3. We have purchased a shipping tool called .Net Ship for international customers. Right now they see “shipping – tba” when placing orders, this needs to be integrated so that they see the correct shipping amount. 4. We have a non-functioning calendar feature. We want to add a table to control a calendar feature that has both a daily view and a monthly view. We will need a form on the admin side to manually add calendar items. 5. We have a mockup of a contest page. We need you to make it work. This will need a table where we can attach a contest winner to a product (basically) provide some details about that winner, and a few other things. You can see the mockup here - The table should link to a product to run the “Recent Winners” section. Click on Past Winners and you can see what that also entails. It shouldn’t be hard. More details will follow if your interested in this feature. 6. Contests also needs a poll/survey section. Ideas on how to make this flexible, convenient and easy for us would be appreciated. We will need backend functionality to check statistics, generate reports on responses. This may be hard, we can work on more details when someone wants to tackle this one. 7. We need to get a search feature working, one that searches text in the database, and possibly within pages as well, but limits access to certain files/folders on the server. (like all search functions) Here are the things needing tweaking/debugging/developed: Admin –Side/Back-end stuff: 1. Our generated order numbers are long and bulky, and we believe they are causing problems with overrun errors, and somehow there are times when two people order at the same time, they get the same order number. We need someone to look into what we call the “empty orders” issue, and modify the order number system to make sure it works. 2. We need to integrate the USPS etools for tracking packages on both the admin and customer sides of the site. 3. Shipping – Currently we generate out a plain text file with shipping info. We need to change this to be an xml file as this allows us to include packing slip information, mail class info, etc. A whole group of problems is shipping and includes in one project – integrate the xml, do weight calculations for shipping weight, determine mail class, and offer a non-packing slip version of the file. The xml files (dummy versions) have been created, we just need to get them integrated and working. There are three files – Domestic with packing slip, International with packing slip, and no packing slip. We will need to choose which file to generate based on criteria (we do batch shipping of certain products, so we don’t need packing slips for these) like being able to choose which product goes in the batch. We have a shipping system that works now, so this really is a sort of a major tweak combined with some development of stuff. 4. For certain products we want to be able to offer a flexible pricing system, so we will need to modify a page to hold a table of prices, and modify the “add product” area so that we can put in price differences based off of “rank”, and quantity ordered. A line would need to be added on the checkout process that shows what they saved. 5. We have a point based system (all products = X points value) currently, when a client orders say 10 of a product they get Points value Y for the first one, and points value Z for the other 9. We want to change that so we can make it Points value Y for the first two (or a flexible number would be great) and Z for the rest. 6. We would like to implement a “End of Year” reward system – we need a query where people who have ordered over X products are identified, then we need a way to order them the reward product , mark it as free, and use the shipping system to ship it out. This should be very simple, we just need a form to do it. The remaining quantities of a product should then be available for sale to the rest of the customers. 7. We would like to implement a benefit system for certain customers –where the first X get to order a certain product. When they reach the benefit level, the next time they log in they see a page where they get a chance to order this special product. Only those who reach that level get to see/buy the product. 8. We would like to adjust the shop/main /customer pages so that some products can be hidden from a particular “rank” or group of ranks(rank is already built into the system) 9. Develop an auto-order system. We want to cap the # of people at XXX people on the system, and only offer to people who are X rank and above. This system should place an order for every new product as soon as that product becomes available, but send them an email giving them X amount of days to cancel the order. If they cancel an order, they are kicked off of the auto-order system, we will also need a waiting list for this system, and if a spot opens up, a person automatically gets added to the system. Product tbl in the DB will need to have a way to identify if a product is part of the auto system or not. 10. Develop a functioning back-order system. 11. Develop an alert function for the admins to alert us to various issues on the site. 12. Add a field to the customer table for a user entered value of time-zone. Add the appropriate input into various forms. 13. Misc. Other items, small in nature that comes up at random times. This could be changing a date selector in the admin side to a drop down from an actual calendar, or we have an inventory page that we would like to flesh out with totals for some numbers and clickable links to see which customers fit into which categories on the page, or a variety of other little things. This will be discussed with the person who works best with us, as they really just pop up from time to time (kind of like keeping you on retainer and just emailing you with what needs to be done..)
  • 12 years ago
    Hi. I don't really fit your qualifications, but thought I'd mention you might be able to find someone who is qualified on [Link Text]( . Best of luck to you!

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