Crystal Reports 10 error

mysql , crystal reports 10 Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 12 years ago
    Hiya, I keep getting an error when attempting to run a report from our Crystal server. The error message is: The rowset column could not be found. File C:\Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Enterprise 10\Data\procSched\ptappwin04.reportjobserver\~tmp1c1458d2dbfbaf0.rpt. I have run the report in SqlYog and I have run it using the Crystal Reports software locally on my machine so I know there is nothing wrong with the actual sql query. Very confused and getting a bit annoyed now!
  • 12 years ago
    Hi Phil, If you are getting your data from a stored procedure, try to set the location property of every table in the report, as following: (this code is in Dim ConInfo As New CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfo ConInfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = "" ConInfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "INFORISK" ConInfo.ConnectionInfo.UserID = "sa" ConInfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = "as" For intCounter = 0 To objReport.Database.Tables.Count - 1 objReport.Database.Tables(intCounter).ApplyLogOnInfo(ConInfo) ' the following statement is necessary when using storedprocedures >>>> objReport.Database.Tables(intCounter).Location = ";1" Next ' Loop through each section on the report then look ' through each object in the section ' if the object is a subreport, then apply logon info ' on each table of that sub report For index = 0 To objReport.ReportDefinition.Sections.Count - 1 For intCounter = 0 To objReport.ReportDefinition.Sections(index).ReportObjects.Count - 1 With objReport.ReportDefinition.Sections(index) If .ReportObjects(intCounter).Kind = CrystalDecisions.Shared.ReportObjectKind.SubreportObject Then mySubReportObject = CType(.ReportObjects(intCounter), CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.SubreportObject) mySubRepDoc = mySubReportObject.OpenSubreport(mySubReportObject.SubreportName) For intCounter1 = 0 To mySubRepDoc.Database.Tables.Count - 1 >>>>>> mySubRepDoc.Database.Tables(intCounter1).Location = ";1" Next End If End With Next Next Hope to be helpful, Regards, Rodrigo.
  • 11 years ago
    check the folloaing link , that will pass information dynamically. carlos.

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