Anyone @ Chennai here?

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  • 12 years ago
    Hello friends. I am Prabhakaran from Thanjavur who recently migrated to Chennai pursuing my dream of becoming a VBA developer. I attended an interview a week later and being on-hold for a week to get the results. In Thanjavur nobody knows what VBA means. But I expected a lot of VBA developers here at Chennai. But the result is not encouraging. I did not see any another VBA developer other than the one who interviewed me. I searched the net for any VBA developers at Chennai. But my entire search only showed two bloggers of VBA at Chennai. I mailed them in hope of meeting them up and to have a little discussion about VBA. But they aren’t ready for it. I searched the net again for any other fellow VBA developers at Chennai. This search resulted null. Finally I looked for any forum for VBA developers but most of them were international ones like this. Since, this is the largest forum for VBA developers I definitely hope that I can find some VBA developers at Chennai too here. I also believe they will encourage budding talents. I give my phone number in strong hope of getting reply. 99408 26010.
  • 12 years ago
    Hi In chennai you can directly go for a walkin for VBA Regards, Ramu
  • 12 years ago
    you can try the following company Cogent 337 D, Deevan Sahib Garden, TTK Road, Royapettah Chennai - 18 It is near Music Academy. The Contact person is Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram Best of Luck Regards, Ramu

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