Are you a C++ Windows/Mac/Linux Developer wanting to work in Amsterdam €50k - €70k (AH11004650)

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  • 12 years ago
    Get in on the ground floor and help to define mobile and social networks with an International player. As web 2.0 evolves this company will leverage is position to lead the way in innovative location based services and social interaction. They were recently recognised as the #1 European company by the people that profile interesting products, start-ups and companies that are building the future of the internet as we know it. Currently they deploy cutting-edge web 2.0 technologies on LAMP clusters serving billions of page views each month. With millions of dedicated users they have a healthy source of income which they are eager to multiply in the coming years. You will design, code, test and deploy native C/C++/Objective C applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. Possible applications could include location-based services, photo browsing & uploading, messages, chat and other social networking features. Development also includes building the backend API's and scaling the serverfarm for mobile iPhone/Android/Symbian clients. This team will grow by 20+ people in 2009 and we are looking for the best-of-the best from around the world for this unique opportunity. **Your Profile...** * Minimum of an MSc/Masters degree in IT or any relevant discipline * Several years of programming desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux in C++ - preferably with the Qt framework. * Strong in backend development: databases, web development and networking. * Broad and deep knowledge on various computer science topics: algorithms, databases, networking, concurrency and scalability * Deep IT knowledge and understanding of Architectures, Operating Systems, Networks and Databases. * Real world OO Design experience and up-to-date knowledge of Design Patterns and UML. * Real Scrum/Agile development experience. * You show strong initiative and drive to succeed * Always exploring new technologies and experimenting in your spare time. * Outstanding achievements in world-class environments. * Graduated near the top of the class and/or won numerous awards or competitions. * Excellent English communication skills - both written and spoken. * The employer is willing to organise a Knowledge Migrant visa and relocation for the right person.

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