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  • 8 years ago
    Hi folks, I used to be a very good programmer in school until I started working ..... no, simply that my first job had rather defined my career. Anyhow, I am so out of touch with development technologies, and hope members in this forum can help me with one simple (or so I believed) question: I would like to develop a simple program for my personal use which references data in a free and lightweight database, for which the data is not that much (perhaps a total of 2000 records of typically single text fields (perhaps at most 5 fields) spread across a few tables) and added manually. This program is be run on a Windows PC, either my full-fledged notebook or my mini notebook, but potentially in a Windows Mobile device in the future (I love my PalmPilot to bits but I fear I need to move on after my third device since starting in 1997 is beginning to fail me). And so my question is ..... what would members suggest I use for the free DB as well as the programming language or platform to use? Remember that while I used to be a very good programmer, that was a very long time ago when I was known to be proficient in Pascal *gasp*! Cheers, Shah

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