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  • 11 years ago
    Hello Friends. I am Prabha Karan, an amateur VBA Developer from Thanjavur (South India). I was creating a small retail management tool for my friend. Luckily, I have done it almost without any flaws but one problem even though it’s not a flaw technically. Okay I created a report to print a bill having its corresponding sales item details in it using a sub-report. For example bill no.1 has 5 items in it to sale though bill no.2 has 100 items in it to sale. As for now I set A4 as the default page for the report named bill. But my friend is only having dot matrix printer. I hope you know that dot matrix printers are not having separate papers instead they have paper rolls in it. I think the main advantage of using a roll than separate papers is to reduce the paper wastage. But the method I am currently using is wasting a lot of paper by fully ejecting the paper up to A4 size even though it prints only a small part vertically. We have to roll-back again the non-printed portion after cutting out the printed portion thus wasting our time effectively. I definitely believe since dot-matrix printers were invented a very long time before, there must be a way to overcome this problem. I am expecting your answers at the earliest. Thank you all.

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