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  • 11 years ago
    Hello Friends. I am Prabha Karan from Thanjavur (South India). Currently I am working in a small Retail tool using access which mostly deals with the items having MRP and also a default tax percentage for that product. In our country (India) a new kind of tax called VAT (Value Added Tax) has been introduced. Most of the Commodities have 4% as the default VAT percent and some have 12% and some don’t have VAT Tax. I assumed the number data type to store the default percentage of an item and tried to format as a percentage. Here the problem came. Let’s Assume… Item Table Structure: Id : Auto number Name : String MRP : Currency VAT : Number (Formatted as Percentage) Item Table Data: Id Name MRP VAT 1 Item1 10.00 4 2 Item2 15.00 12 3 Item3 25.00 (Null) Query1 Structure: Column1 : Item Name Column2 : Quantity Column3 : (MRP x Quantity) + (MRP*VAT) Expected Query1 Result: Column1 Column2 Column3 Item1 2 28 Actual Query1 Result: Column1 Column2 Column3 Item1 2 60 Why this happen? How to overcome this? I also tried to give the VAT percent data in decimals i.e. giving as .4 or .12 but I didn’t accept it. Why? Thanks in advance.

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