How to call webservices through java script?

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  • 11 years ago
    Hi, I’m mailing script for Adserver using DotNet 2.0. Facing the problem as given below: Created a webservice named 'WebService.cs' in my project in app_code folder, its respective .asmx file is in my main project folder(outside app_code). Now this project is published and uploaded. When someone logins on my website as a publisher, he gets the following script to paste
    Above script calls the javascript named 'Javascript.js' in my online project, this javascript in return calls my webservice named ‘WebService.cs' through the code :- init(objwc,"","GetDetails") which ultimately displays the desired records from the database. Now, 1. It does not work when the above mentioned script is called in a html/dotnet file within the same domain or any other domain. It reaches the online javascript file but then stops without displaying the record. file is placed within the same folder. It gives the error: Object doesn’t support this property or method. Even when is placed along with the script file or removed from there. 2. In the localhost path above mentioned script is placed in an aspx page. Along with this, a file is also placed in the same folder as the aspx page. It reaches the local javascript file, then calls the local webservice.asmx and displays the desired record. 3. It also works fine when the above mentioned script is in html format along with on desktop with internet connectivity. It reaches the online javascript file, then calls the webservice.asmx file and displays the desired record.

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