jquery ui dialog inside repeater

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  • 8 years ago
    Hi, I am relatively new at jQuery and I have a problem with using Jquery ui dialog window. I have a asp repeater user control and in every list item I want to have link, so when the link is clicked, ui dialog is open. Here is the repeater control: If I try to attach click function on the a tag like this: $(document).ready(function() { $(".dialog").dialog({ autoOpen: false }); $(".dialog_link").click(function() { $(".dialog").dialog("open"); }); }); Of course all the modal windows are opening. If i search the div by ID, none of them is not opening. So I tried something like this: $(".dialog_link").click(function() { $(this).addClass('selected'); var myClass = $(this).attr('className'); $('.dialog).each( function(intIndex) { var next = $($(this)[0].nextSibling).attr('className'); if (next == myClass) { $(this).addClass('selectedTombstone'); } }) $('.selectedTombstone').dialog('open'); }) And when I debug, ( '.selectedTombstone') gives me the right div, but after .dialog(‘open’) the modal window is not opening Please help. Best regards, Mimi

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