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  • 11 years ago
    Hello. I am almost entirely brand new to VB, and I have a currently running website, which I am trying to write a site specific application for. However, upon consideration of it, and realizing that I need to use my DB connection string somehow, how secure is it to hard code a connection string into an app that would be used by my registered users? What is the best way to connect to my database with the app, firstly, to verify username and pass, and then to utilize my DB info in my tables? I am concerned about security, especially since I have been taking college course in Fundamentals of Network Security. The class hasn't covered how to do such things, of course. I am sure others have utilized web enabled apps to connect to their online databases. What are the methods used etc? I have a php driven website using MySql as the database. I can write php code and know a fair amount about the query language, but am new to using VB to create apps to run in conjunction with the website. I am wondering if maybe creating a JAVA app would be smarter for security purposes? Thanks in advance for the help! Ice

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