Method for fast array arithmetic?

com , arrays optimisation , Sydney, Australia
  • 9 years ago
    Hi, I have a simple challenge whose solution is proving elusive. Two one-dimensional byte arrays of equal length need to have a mathematical operation performed on their respective elements. The code is like this: Dim aNumbers1(10000) As Byte Dim aNumbers2(10000) As Byte Dim aResult(10000) As Byte For iCounter As Integer = 9999 to 0 step -1 aResult(iCounter) = Math.Max(aNumbers1(iCounter), aNumbers2(iCounter)) Next ...but of course this is horribly slow. Are there any P/Invokes or COM tricks that could achieve this in a more efficient way? I tried BlockCopy to arrays of UInt32 but it made no noticable difference. Thanks!
  • 9 years ago
    EDIT: The BlockCopy was actually related to a bitwise OR operation, but max/min/add/sub are some other operations I need to do as well. Note the +/- need to stop at max/min values rather than wrapping around. Thanks.

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