MobiForms Advanced Edition Now Offers A Complete Based Mobile Development Suite

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  • 11 years ago

    The MobiForms Advanced Edition has now been released as a complete suite of tools for creating mobile apps and synchronizing data from any central database to any kind of wireless PDA. The MobiForms Advanced Edition consists of the globally successful MobiForms Developer and the new complementary MobiForms Sync Server. MobiForms uses Java, but the Java layer is totally hidden behind an intuitive drag and drop interface enabling any novice or expert programmer alike to create mobile business applications in minutes.

    With the MobiForms Advanced Edition it is now possible to build a sophisticated mobile application synchronised from just about any master database server with bi-directional data replication. This gives MobiForms a true offline store and forward capability with sophisticated online synchronisation, replication and offline data buffering. Supported database servers include Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, IBM DB2, SQLite, HSQLDB and MySQL.

    The MobiForms Advance Edition supports the full mobile development lifecycle including:

    • Definition of database replication rules from the master database
    • Creation and definition of mobile users
    • Building a seed mobile database based on a subset of the master database
    • Creation of a mobile application using the seed mobile database
    • Deployment of the mobile application and seed mobile database
    • Bi-directional data replication and status updates between the master database and the mobile client database

    Unlike most competing products, the MobiForms Advanced Edition offers a total solution for a once off licence fee. The licence includes an unlimited number of MobiForms clients.

    The MobiForms Advanced Edition Architecture:

    For more information about the MobiForms Advanced Edition please go to

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