simple vb to c#, help please

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  • 11 years ago

    Hi, i'm new to c# and trying to learn it.. though it's hard that many tutorial is in vb :(

    Can anyone help me translate this vb to c#? and explain me what BlogContents.Contains is in C#?

        Dim db As New BlogDBDataContext()
        Dim q = From b In db.Blogs _
                Where b.BlogContents.Contains(txtSearch.Text.Trim()) Or _
                      b.BlogTitle.Contains(txtSearch.Text.Trim()) _
                Select b
        lv.DataSource = q

    Much of the code gets deleted when i try converting it online (vb-c#): 01 02.{ 03. System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(2000); 04. 05. BlogDBDataContext db = new BlogDBDataContext(); 06. 07. var q = ; 08. 09. lv.DataSource = q; 10. lv.DataBind(); 11.} thank you in advance
  • 11 years ago

    { System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(2000);

     BlogDBDataContext db = new BlogDBDataContext();
     var q = ;
     lv.DataSource = q;


    Ths is C# code for wht u hv in VB..

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