Macro in Excel, and If statement that needs to loop through a range

Excel , Macro , VBA Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 11 years ago

    Hi guys

    I know that it is such a simple step I am missing in this code.

    It is a macro for excel

    Sub Marco()
    Dim Interest 
                Interest = worksheets(“Calc”).Range(“J2”)
                If Interest < 0 Then
                            worksheets(“Pram”).Range(“B12”) = worksheets(“Calc”).Range(“A2”)
                            worksheets(“Pram”).Range(“B12”) =[ “No Problem”]
                End If
                Loop until Interest < 0
    End Sub

    I need the loop to keep running until the interest is Less than 0 The cell Ref worksheets(“Calc”).Range(“J2”) needs to increase to worksheets(“Calc”).Range(“J3”) And worksheets(“Calc”).Range(“A2”) needs to increase to worksheets(“Calc”).Range(“A3”)

    And so until the result is less than Zero


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