How to save CSS?StyleSheet in Database ?

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  • 11 years ago


    Is there any way to store CSS settings and classes into a database. I have a css file describing styles for whole website. I want to give user an option, to modify styles (background color, font, table header font, etc.) of thier own choices (at run-time). When user selects from the given options and hit save, then these values store in the database, so that when user visits the website next time then customized styles (theme) should be displayed on the web pages rather than default styles. I know this can be done by using cookies (through javascript) but the problem arises when user visits the website after deleting private data of browser. In this way, again default styles applies to all web pages. Also, I am using Java (Wicket framework).

    Is there any way to make css file dynamic (using variables in css file), or to save css classes (styles) into database ?

    Thanks, Farhan.

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