Urgent: Trouble in Circular Transparency & Image Display

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  • 8 years ago

    hi guys .. my team is working on an application where we have to have one image which is acting as the base of all the elements on the screen ... and this same image has a transparency in the center. now this centre transparency is supposed to display a picture which will be captured from a web cam.

    currently everything working fine but the only problem which we are facing is that the picture is not proportionate to what is the actual resolution that it was shot at. it has been stretched from the top and bottom. the reason is that the imagebox which has been used to call this webcam display is a aquare.

    now it seems that the team is not being able to use the exact proportions of the image to call it in the picturebox for a reason that the final image needs to be cropped to fit in a circle.

    now how do we over come this problem? any idea???

    in simple words, i have a rectangular image and i want to draw a circle over this image. whatever is within the circle should be visible, whatever is outside the circle should be transparent. (a mask needs to be created...)

    but the only thing is that this circle will first display the image/video from the web camera and only once the picture is clicked, it should show the same picture within this circular area.

    Please help, its urgent ... there is a client delivery and we have been trying to overcome this since last few days ...

    thanks a lot dAttitude

  • 8 years ago

    hey guys ... no one knows what i am talking about ????

    please go through this forum for more details ...

    (i am not sure if i can post a link here or not, but this area doesnt allow me to upload pictures so i had to go somewhere else. this is more explanatory i guess ...)


    Thanks and regards ...

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