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  • 11 years ago

    Hi there,

    I hope everyone’s’ doing well.

    I am in a complex situation and need some help very very urgently.

    There is a PHP based website that supports three-way chat model. This chat software is not Skype. Now there has to be a calling facility as well for the users.

    Please go through this and let me know if you need some more details. I really really appreciate your time.

    The idea is to use Skype for calls. I was wondering if by any means someone could log on to a Skype id that I provide to the customer, I add the credit to the account and he should be able to call the desired user 2 on the same website. The points of concern are:

    1. First and the foremost, is there a way to make the above possible.
    2. I have to hide everything, almost everything from appearing on Skype window. The user should just know that is call is being done to this country that’s all, because the user will make calls from my account. I will log in to this account probably by the name of my website and all those people ho have paid me will be able to make calls from this account or any other account that i allow them to make calls from. everything on the skype window has to be hidden except for the country (loaction) that they are calling

    3. Is there a way to disconnect the call automatically after certain duration of minutes?

    I know this is something too complicated, let me know if this is possible…even if not all.

    I’ll be very very thankful for your responses.

    Thanks & Regards

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