How to get data from c# program as input for 3rd application

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  • 11 years ago

    hi all,

    I dont know how to call it in the right terms but here are my problem. I have this 3rd application program which will upload the files by browsing the file source and insert a password in textboxes.

    So, instead of user key in same info like keep browsing to the file which they want, i want to make it easier where the path for the source will be fix and also user no need to type the password each time wanna use that program. So i created a new C# program where a user will act as admin. The program will browse for folder destination and sources. given pasword read from excel and once user click save button, it will check if file exists then execute the 3rd app program. i don't want it just start(using System.Diagnostic.Process.Start(). ), but i want it to execute together by passing all the setting done by admin.

    So, My questions is.. How can i pass the data get from my c# program, which are filename from source, and the password into the 3rd app so i dont have to run and manually added. can it be done? what method should i use? any references are very helpful.

    thanks in advance.

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