New to VBA: Not sure how to handle data which the program will need in order to run........

vba , programming , newbie Richmond, United States
  • 11 years ago

    Hi, I am new to VBA programming but in my younger days i was a good pascal programmer. I know the syntax is not the same but i am learning.

    Question: For a friend i am trying to write a "bakery" program which will accept input from a user and based on this input the program will compare/calculate against hundreds of existing recipes. The output will be new recipes based on the desired qty to make. My question is how do i store or whats the best way to retrieve the hundreds of recipes which i will need to have access to. I have done some excel vba programming and in this case the recipes would already exist in another sheet in excel. But i want to do this ALL in VBA so i am not sure how to proceed. If some one could give me a little guidance to point me in the right direction i will take it from there.



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