The Silicon Valley SQL Server User Group

We meet monthly at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View.

The Silicon Valley SQL Server User Group has been in existence for five years, although we are new to Meetup. Typically we have 30- 40 attendees at our meetings. Meetings are free - please join us!

  • Network with other Developers and DBAs
  • Get the latest and greatest SQL Server news
  • Get questions answered by Microsoft insiders
  • Get the inside track on emerging technologies
  • Learn from the experts and meet your peers
  • Enjoy dinner, drinks, and valuable giveaways

Learn more about our upcoming speakers here:

Events coming up

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Past events

  • BAADD Annual Dinner Meeting - Trends in the Software Development Industry

    Thu, 8 Nov 2012, 02:15 - 05:15 in Mountain View, United States

    From Margaret Duddy, President - Bay Area Association of Database Developers...We cordially invite the Developer Community to come together and join us for dinner! Our theme will be "Trends in the Software Development Industry - Technological and Business Perspectives II".Please share a table and your perspectives about what lies ahead in our industry. We'll host a World Café session moderated by Ainsley Nies.

  • SQL Server Private Cloud

    Wed, 19 Oct 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Ross Mistry of MicrosoftPrivate Clouds are one of the highest priorities for IT organizations.  You'll learn the key ingredients necessary to design a private cloud infrastructure to support your SQL Server databases.Ross will cover the Windows and System Center technology stack, which make up a Private Cloud.  He'll also showcase new capabilities for achieving elasticity, self-service, automation and control.

  • Monitoring SQL Server on VMware

    Wed, 21 Sep 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Dean Richards of ConfioSQL Server on VMware? Most of our customers have virtualized their application tier, but now are either virtualizing databases or planning to do so soon.We'll discuss the fundamentals of monitoring databases running in a VMware environment. If you're using classic O/S monitoring tools using standard Perfmon counters, you're getting misleading information. Understand which metrics are important and how to get the data.

  • Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

    Wed, 20 Apr 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Brian Knight of Pragmatic WorksYou’ll learn: *How PowerPivot in SharePoint will allow your users to do self-service BI. *How Performance Point can help you develop scorecards and aid your users in answering questions they didn’t even know they had.Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP, MCITP, MCSE, MCDBA, is the owner and founder of Pragmatic Works.He's also the co-founder of, and

  • Windows Azure & The Microsoft Cloud Platform

    Wed, 16 Mar 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    So what’s all this hype about cloud? What’s cloud all about?Every day, a new analyst comes up with new terms of new ways about how they think about the cloud.  Join us on Tuesday as Allan Naim gives us a high level overview of Microsoft's Cloud platform.  In the meantime, check out Allan's Cloud Computing blog on MSDN.You Will Learn: *How to use the Windows Azure platform to build a highly scalable cloud-based solution

  • Filtered Indexes and Sparse Columns: Together and Separately

    Wed, 16 Feb 2011, 02:30 - 04:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Don Vilen, Chief Scientist, Buysight & former Microsoft SQL Server Team MemberThis session covers the basics of Filtered Indexes and Sparse Columns, and then dives into the areas where they work well—and not so well—both together and separately.  Don will show demos that show how they work and when they work well.You Will Learn: *About Filtered Indexes and Sparse Columns, both powerful additions to SQL Server

  • The Top 10 Developer Mistakes That Won't Scale

    Mon, 21 Jun 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Brent Ozar, Quest SoftwareYou’ve heard it before: “It worked fine on my machine, but the users say it’s too slow.” Don’t blame the developers: they’re using SQL Server features that look great on paper, but in reality, they won’t scale up to production loads. Learn to recognize these common mistakes before they go into production, and be armed with easy fixes for: *User-defined functions that go through too much data *Triggers that perform business logic

  • SQL Server Performance Tuning for Race Car Drivers

    Wed, 16 Jun 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Presented by Brent Ozar of Quest Software.Details coming soon.

  • StreamInsight : Complex Event Processing in SQL Server R2

    Wed, 19 May 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Mark Simms of Microsoft SQLCATMicrosoft StreamInsight, part of the recent SQL Server 2008 R2 release, is a new platform for building rich applications that can process high volumes of event stream data with near-zero latency. We’ll demonstrate the core skill sets and technologies needed to deliver StreamInsight enabled solutions, and discuss some of the core scenarios.

  • Intro to Windows Server AppFabric

    Wed, 21 Apr 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Ron Jacobs of MicrosoftWindows Server AppFabric is a set of integrated technologies that make it easier to build, scale and manage Web and composite applications that run on IIS.You'll get an overview of the hosting enhancements in .NET 4 available to developers for building composite applications using Windows AppFabric. We’ll also look at how Windows AppFabric caching can help you scale your Data Tier.Benefits of attending

  • Azure: Take Your .NET Apps to the Cloud

    Wed, 17 Mar 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Bruno Terkaly of MicrosoftThe Microsoft Windows Azure platform is an Internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. Get the training kits, get the SDK, browse documentation, and start today, sending your applications to the future of computing.Learn more about Azure here.

  • SQL Server R2: What's New?

    Wed, 17 Feb 2010, 02:30 - 04:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Presented by: Phil Hummel of WinWire TechnologiesJoin us next week to get the inside scoop on SQL Server 2008 R2, formerly known as Kilimanjaro. Release of R2 is right around the corner. We covered PowerPivot in a recent meeting, and plan to cover other new features in upcoming meetings.Phil Hummel will tell us about several new capabilities in R2.You'll learn about: *Parallel Data Warehouse (Project Madison

  • What All Microsoft BI Developers Need to Know About MDX

    Wed, 20 Jan 2010, 02:30 - 04:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Nathan Peterson, Solid Quality MentorsEvery developer should be able to write the MDX needed to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meet business requirements. This short session will give you a solid introduction to the language, so that you can start using its power to give your business the information it needs.Many BI Developers create dimensions and cubes without knowing much about MDX.

  • PowerPivot for Excel: Powerful Data Analysis and Better Decisions

    Wed, 16 Dec 2009, 02:30 - 04:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Presented by: Alex Viera, Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel is a data analysis tool that delivers speedy computational power directly within Microsoft Excel. It’s a user-friendly way to perform data analysis using familiar Excel features such as the Office Fluent user interface, PivotTable, PivotChart views, and slicers. At this meeting, you'll learn how to:[list]*Generate rich and interactive analysis tools without weeks of effort*Create compelling self-service BI solutions

  • Coding in a Team Environment: Best Practices and More

    Wed, 18 Nov 2009, 02:30 - 04:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Let's face it, coding in a team environment is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. We've all experienced short cuts that lead to big headaches! Join Garth Honhart on November 17th to learn about simple solutions for [b][/b]sustainable development. Who should attend? Anyone that codes T-SQL in a team environment, develops T-SQL for end users or customers. What You Will Learn: [list]*Tools that can make T-SQL code easier maintain

  • Fusion-io and the Super Speedy Database

    Wed, 21 Oct 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Sumeet Bansal is Fusion-io’s Principal Solutions Architect. | Fusion-io is a producer of enterprise-class SSDs (Solid State Drives, as opposed to HDDs – Hard Disk Drives). Their silicon-based storage architecture known as ioMemory applies flash memory to large-scale enterprise storage products like Storage Area Networks. More details about this meeting will be posted soon. In the meantime, you can read my blog post about Fusion-io. Mark

  • Why SQL Server 2008 R2 Rocks

    Wed, 16 Sep 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Joe Belson of Microsoft will discuss the new features of SQL Server 2008 R2More details coming soon...SQL Server 2008 R2 expands on the value delivered in SQL Server 2008 by providing a wealth of new features and capabilities. This release will further improve IT Efficiency with new and enhanced management capabilities and empower business users to access, integrate, analyze and share information using business intelligence tools they already know.

  • Architecting a Data Warehouse: A Case Study

    Wed, 19 Aug 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Elizabeth Diamond of DesignMindMore information about this meeting coming soon...

  • The Silicon Valley SQL Server User Group July Meetup

    Wed, 22 Jul 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Christa Stelzmuller of MySpace Get an ?inside view? of the MySpace database infrastructure from the Chief Data Architect. You'll hear about the choices made by IT management, and the reasons behind their decisions. You will learn about:[list]Common challenges faced in scaling for a distributed data environment Approaches to managing transactions across a highly distributed data infrastructureHow MySpace administers many databases with only a few DBAs[/list]

  • Taking Your Application Design to the Next Level with Data Mining

    Wed, 22 Jul 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Microsoft MVP Peter Myersof Solid Quality MentorsPeter will discuss Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Data Mining and demonstrate how to develop data mining models that can be embedded into your applications. You Will Learn:[list]*The business problems solved by data mining*SQL Server’s data mining capabilities*The data mining development cycle*How to create, train, test and query mining models

  • MySpace Data Architecture: Scaling for Stable and Rapid Growth

    Wed, 17 Jun 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    Speaker: Christa Stelzmuller of MySpace Details coming soon... Need more information?[color=firebrick][/color] Email Mark Ginnebaugh at [email protected] General Agenda 6:30 to 7:00 pm - Introductions, food, networking 7:00 to 8:30 pm - Presentation and Q&A

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