Building Components From MX To Mobile by Jeffry Houser

Flex Meetup Group
6-7 Apr 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
Online Flex Meetup Group Conne , Hartford, US


Jeffry Houser will present will examine what it took to create components using the MX Lifecycle, then discuss how things changed with the introduction of the flex Spark Components architecture.  And finally, it will look at what it takes to optimize componentsfor deployment to mobile devices.


Presenter Bio:

Jeffry Houser is a technical entrepreneur that likes to share cool stuff with other people. 

Jeffry is the Brains behind Flextras, a set of user interface Flex Components that save you time and help you create better Flex applications.  He has a Computer Science degree from the days before business met the Internet and has solved a problem or two in his programming career.  In 1999, Jeffry started DotComIt, an Adobe Solutions Partner specializing in Rich Internet Applications with Flex and ColdFusion.


Jeffry is an Adobe Community Professional and produces The Flex Show, a podcast that includes expert interviews and screencast tutorials. He also hosts the Flextras Friday Lunch Podcast, a weekly live Q&A session where you can get your questions answered, and also runs a site where you can get your questions answered privately.  Jeffry has spoken at user groups and conferences all over the US, is the co-manager of the Hartford CT Adobe User Group, author of three technical books, and over 30 articles.


In his spare time Jeffry is a musician, old school adventure game aficionado, recording engineer, and he owns a Wii. Find more about Flextras at, ask Jeffry Questions at, or check out his podcast at, or you can read his personal blog at


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