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Great things can happen when small groups of focused teams get together to learn. Thats what the Code Lounge is all about - we seek to get people to lend their lounges for at least six hours on a weekend (or other public holiday) to allow like minded developers to congregate and learn. Individual cells can be running concurrently, they can even cover the same topics and we encourage tools like Google Hangouts or Skype to allow others to participate. Its cosy. Its fun. Its an environment where people want to learn, want to change and want to get better. If that sounds like you, welcome to the Code Lounge.

Events coming up

We don't have any upcoming events for this user group. Do you know this group? If so, why not submit a future event? We also support iCal, EventBrite and Meetup feeds.

Past events

  • AngularJS, VertX.IO, HAL and EBean

    20-21 Jul 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand

    AngularJS,, HAL & EbeanA dream stack? Or are we back with the joke Java guy with his stack of beans?This day will attempt to cover all of these things. is the async layer running on the JVM that is going head to head with nodejs. Angular is one of a number of Javascript binding frameworks that for most apps, Richard thinks wins out. HAL is Mark?s way of saying he doesn?t care about the client side, the server supports serendipitous reuse.

  • Dart vs Kotlin vs CoffeeScript vs Alternate Javascript Language Lounge

    9-10 Jun 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand

    Dart vs Kotlin vs Coffee vs other Alternate Javascript LoungeWill Dart, Kotlin, Coffee and other alternate JS languages gain traction in the web world? Who cares! They're cool languages and they have some seriously neat ideas that make them worthwhile to explore.Google have hits and misses (SPDY has been remarkably successful for instance), we don?t know yet, but big brains are working on this language and it is a remarkable step up from Javascript.

  • Clojure Lounge

    25-26 May 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand

    Clojure LoungeWould you like to take a stab at Clojure - the lisp language dujour for the JVM? Rather than trying to bite off all of clojure in one go, we'll going to take a look at this from choosing a web framework (webnoir) with a specific problem (???). We’ll build it with Maven, your IDE (or not, VIM is acceptable) of choice and deploy it to Heroku.Lets try building an oauth (using Github, Google and Twitter) for CodeLounge meetups using Twitter Bootstrap.

  • AMQP, 0MQ and Pusher

    24-25 Apr 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand

    THIS IS ANZAC DAY.I've always been interested in messaging and with JMS going the way of the dodo and being replaced by AMQP and the browser seemingly taken over by Pusher, this session seeks to examine what kids of things AMQP can actually do, why its supposedly better.We'll try and get it set up on EC2 (and perhaps others if others know it), have a look at 0MQ (zeromq - which is more of a nuts and bolts toolkit it appears) and pusher and the like.

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