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Chicago Health 2.0/Tech is a meetup group focused on discussing and showcasing Health-related technology. We profile start-ups and individuals to present technologies such as personal health records (PHRs), information therapy (Ix), patient/caregiver communities, patient/doctor communication, fitness/wellness, remote monitoring, and patient engagement/education. We're more than just a meetup group. We're a newsletter too! Join it to learn about interesting news items, job opportunities and health tech meetups not organized by us. This group should not be limited to technology enthusiasts but also students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers to actively participate. Previous presenters include,, Evive Health, Medic8 Manager, Marbles The Brain Store, Phreesia, Emmi Solutions, SA Ignite, HealthCodex, and Halo Monitoring. A full list is available on our Companies page.    

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