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DFW Apache LAMP Meetup is a group for geeks interested in the diverse technologies used in the World of Apache/LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). This was formerly the "The Dallas MySQL Meetup Group". However, your organizer Tish Wood, is also the founder and organizer of the "Greater San Francisco Bay Apache LAMP Meetup Group" [apache-49] which meets at Sun Microsystems' Santa Clara, California campus...and knows to maintain interest and find qualified/willing presenters, he must open up to a much wider area of technologies. So, we will discuss PHP (and the myriad of technologies packaged in PHP5), MySQL (design, manipulation/query and admin), JavaScript, Ajax and related libraries such as jQuery, content-centric Prototype/Script.aculo.us, and data-centric Dojo...Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, Smarty...or any subject de jour...Apache (use, admin, virutal servers), and scaling technologies such as Squid, etc. ...And yes, we will likely even discuss hosting other server-side technologies such as Tomcat/Java/Spring, JSP, JSTL...just whatever it takes to bring a hybrid solution to fruition.

We will concentrate not only on what technology mix that would normally be used in corporate-centric Dallas/Fort Worth...but also seek to understand the needs of smaller, more agile..."shoe-string" startups...because some of us geeks just don't feel natural sitting in a suit-n-tie in th' boardroom!

We are also changing the focus of the group from a group-project oriented venture to a monthly presentation group...knowing that you need to spend your cycles either honing your expertise in your chosen or dictated area of specialty...or trying to make a buck in these difficult economic times. We are currently looking for a home/venue in the DFW area preferably not in a restaurant or coffee shop...and no further west and south than DFW Airport. But we are willing to entertain any venue which you or yours might volunteer.

We will be soliciting YOU, your friends, mentors, and colleagues to speak/present to us! This will not be a business masquerading as an industry group...where only a select few are allowed to speak. We will open up to (our impression of) the best talent available on the hottest subject matter in the industry...but we will avoid informercials like the swine flu. A short "shamelss plug" is acceptable after a detailed technical presentation...but we don't want to hear about your product unless is is open source, free, or available at a widely affordable price and shaves months off our already impossible delivery schedules!

Current scheduling for this group is 1st Monday of the Month. However, continuation of this date will depend upon venue availability...as well as Organizer schedule availability (he is due to begin teaching Continuing Education again, this time in the Arlington area in January...a former Instructor of PHP-MySQL, Java, JavaScript, XML, Adobe technologies such as Illustrator (at a to-be-unnamed Collin County College). We would prefer to hold this meeting in the evening...say 6:30 (networking) with main presentation window of 7-9pm. We will seek to avoid conflict with:

1st Mon - (tentative) DFW Apache LAMP Meetup - * yes, that's us! *

1st Tues- Clubajax.org - 1830-2100 - Sun Microsystems, Dallas Pkwy

1st Thurs- DFWuug.org - 1900-2100- Unix User's Group - Sun Microsystems, Dallas Pkwy

2nd Mon- Joomla! User Group - Dallas / Fort Worth - location varies JavaScriptDevelopers.js - 1st Meetup 10/12 - Fat Straws, Plano

2nd Tues- Dallas PHP - 1900-2030 - Yahoo! Richardson

2nd Wed- DFW JavaMUG - 1830-2100 - Sun Microsystems, Dallas Pkwy

2nd Thurs - Dallas.net

3rd Sat - North Texas Linux User's Group - ntlug.org - 0900-1100 DFWAUG (Adobe User's Group) - 1100-1300 - nerdbooks.com Richardson

4th Tues - SOAUG - Soag.net - 1830-2100 - IBM, Irving

4th Thurs - Dallas Print and Web Designers

Events coming up

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Past events

  • Install and configure OpenNebula on Ubuntu

    Sat, 3 Nov 2012, 17:00 - 20:00 in Farmers Branch, United States

    Cloud computing and virtualization of data centers is the trend nowadays. We have installed server software in the past. This time we will install OpenNebula. Go to https://help.ubuntu.c... to see the procedure.

  • Attend virtual event "Clouds, Outsourcing, and Security Services"

    Wed, 15 Feb 2012, 15:30 - 17:30 in Farmers Branch, United States

    Feb 15th, 0930AM CST (Call will be available to registered attendees after this date and time)Registration Site: https://www.techwebonlineevents.com/ars/eve...Presentation Title: Making Providers a Part of your IT Security StrategyWhile attending this presentation prepare to learn about and and retain knowledge pertaining to the following six topics# List key security questions to ask a potential cloud services provider

  • Drupal - the Content Management System (CMS)

    Tue, 2 Mar 2010, 00:30 - 02:30 in Farmers Branch, United States

    Good Day, Fellow Apache-LAMP Developers,We have another excellent presentation for you on the 1st Monday of March, 2010:Stephanie Smith, a well known developer in the DFW Community who is always so "head down in her work", she can only be bothered to watch TV for one hour a month...has volunteered to fit us into her busy schedule to talk about Drupal - the Content Management System (CMS

  • Zend Framework: Using Zend_Tool to Establish Your Project's Skeleton

    Tue, 2 Feb 2010, 00:30 - 02:30 in Farmers Branch, United States

    Good Day, Fellow Apache-LAMP Developers, [:)] *** DATE CORRECTION: Monday, Feb. 1st (we always meet first Monday of the month) *** We have an excellent presentation for this February: Jeremy Brown, Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) and Software Architect / Lead Developer at Spear One will speak on Zend_Tool. Zend_Tool is provided as part of Zend Framework and allows you to quickly establish the directory and file structure (hence "Skeleton") for your MVC project/application.

  • Intro to MVC Architecture - "Home Brewed" using PHP

    Tue, 8 Dec 2009, 01:00 - 03:00 in Irving, United States

    Welcome to the newly reorganized DFW Apache LAMP Group...formerly "Dallas MySQL Meetup". You can find further information about this group @: DFW Apache Lamp Group. Our first meeting since "re-org" will be held Monday, Dec. 7th, 2009, at a venue TBD. Your Organizer, Tish Wood, will be speaking on Intro to MVC Architecture - "Home Brewed" using PHP. This subject will lay the groundwork for specific implementations of MVC to be presented in future meetings.

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