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Another great thing with ASP is you are not limited to simply VB - you can 'hard-code' HTML too. Take a look at this example:

'declare the variables
Dim bTest, sName, sVariable
'set their values...
bTest = True
sName = "Fred"
sVariable = "hello James"
<table border="1">
If bTest Then
    Response.Write sVariable
    Response.Write sName
End If

What this code does is display some text in a HTML table. If the variable bTest is true (which, in this instance is the case), sVariable is placed in between the <td> and </td> tags. Otherwise, sName is outputted there instead. Not sure exactly what is happening? Take a look in your browser. Then, right click and select View Source. What you should see is this:

<table border="1">
  <tr><td>hello James</td></tr>

Another useful feature is that If...Then...Else statements don't only apply to Visual Basic. You can use them to selectively output existing HTML. Let's convert a previous example to using this syntax:

<% If Request.QueryString("id") = "1" Then %>
  <p>This is some different text</p>
<% Else %>
  <p>This is text!</p>
<% End If %>

which does exactly the same thing. You might also find you want to simply output the value of a variable into some hard coded HTML. ASP provides a function for this too. Instead of using the <% and %> tags, use <%=VariableName%>. For example,

<p>Welcome, <%=sName%> to VB Web!</p>

would insert the value of sName into the HTML, and is the same as

<p>Welcome, <% Response.Write sName %> to VB Web!</p>

One final thing before we move on... When using the Response.Write statement you might find you want to include a quote (") within the string. You can do this in two ways. Either use the Chr(32) statement:

Response.Write "<p><font color=" & Chr(34) & "#FF0000" & Chr(34) & ">Welcome!</font></p>"

or simply replace the single quote with a double quote:

Response.Write "<p><font color=""#FF0000"">Welcome!</font></p>"

I'll leave it up to you to decide which is more elegant!

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