Implementing a template based website

Templates in a folder

We shall now take a quick look at an equivilant function for reading the template from a directory.

function gettemplate($templatename) {
    global $templatecache;
    #check if template has already been loaded
    if ($templatecache[$templatename]!="") {
        #return cached version
        $template = $templatecache[$templatename];
    } else {
        #retrieve from file
        $handle = fopen("./templates/".$name,"r");
        $template = fread($handle,filesize("./templates/".$name);
        #close the file
        $template = str_replace("\"","\\\"",$template);
        #cache the contents
        $templatecache[$name] = $template;
    return $template;

This function does exactly the same as the last, but instead loads the template from a /templates/ directory (with no file extension).

Now we have our function for reading the template, we can get about using one. First, however, insert the following 2 templates into the database table, or into 2 files, depending on the method you wish to use:

Template Name: ResultsPage
<p>Below are the results of the search for '$searchquery'</p>
<table border="0">


Template Name: ResultsBit
    <td><b><a href="view.php?id=$data[id]">$data[title]</a></td>

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